Photo courtesy of my wife and the iPhone CE, in an elevator

Let's Make Something Cool

I am experienced in frontend and backend website development. Please reach out if you need someone to help maintain your current website or want to build something new.

Not sure what architecture or language to use? I have a broad exposure to different architectures, having built and maintained websites using React, Ruby on Rails, WordPress & WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Jekyll, and Gatsby.

Not sure if I am a good fit? Me neither! But I've worked with corporate and nonprofit organizations to help them meet their online goals, and am generally pretty agreeable. I hope we can create something together!


Hi visitor! Thanks for your interest in me, I am flattered. I hope to get to know you, too.

My work interests are making websites and native apps for you (hit me up)! I love design and making sites.

When I am not dreaming about working with you in my spare time, which is rarely, I can be found: reading, playing with my dog-daughter (aka my DogTer™) Violet, traveling, visiting museums and galleries, baseball, yoga, and having fun with my wife, in no particular order other than wife is first (hi, Janet!).

For media consumption, I enjoy binge watching science fiction, especially when set in dystopian hellscapes, and also historical dramas. I don't have a favorite music genre, but loud and fast is generally best.



Languages & Frameworks
  • Angular v1 3rd place bronze medal
  • CSS 1st place gold medal
  • Gatsby 2nd place silver medal
  • HTML 1st place gold medal
  • JavaScript 1st place gold medal
  • Jekyll 3rd place bronze medal
  • jQuery 2nd place silver medal
  • Meteor 3rd place bronze medal
  • PHP 3rd place bronze medal
  • React 2nd place silver medal
  • React Native 3rd place bronze medal
  • Ruby 2nd place silver medal
  • Ruby on Rails 2nd place silver medal
  • SASS/SCSS 1st place gold medal
  • Shopify 1st place gold medal
  • Squarespace 1st place gold medal
  • Swift 3rd place bronze medal
  • WooCommerce 2nd place silver medal
  • WordPress 1st place gold medal
Databases & Backend
  • Firebase 3rd place bronze medal
  • GraphQL 3rd place bronze medal
  • MongoDB 3rd place bronze medal
  • PostgreSQL 2nd place silver medal
  • SQL 2nd place silver medal
Open Source Contributions
Open Source Projects