A Milli

February 10, 2018

Once I got the basic blog working and figured out the two issues with the backticks and then an error in the time signatures on old blog posts, I fired up a yarn develop and nothing but errors. I don't know what happened but I was too frustrated and tired on a Friday night to troubleshoot after manually updating 80 blog posts. So I watched two episodes of Altered Carbon.

Upon waking, I had to inexplicably reload three of the packages and everything came back up. This is concerning but I'll chalk it up to something I did late at night for now. Then I sketched out how I want this blog to look, which of course means that I need to make some serious changes to this wonderful tutorial I was using as a guide.

The mobile site - and I am trying to design mobile first with all projects - is going to have a top home button with my name or logo that links to the homepage. At the bottom will be three page links on a fixed panel: blog, portfolio, about. Once you have selected blog or portfolio, we want an infinite scroll effect for the section's main page and then show a previous/next button on detail. Ideally all the buttons are near the bottom so I can use my tiny baby hands easily.

The about section will have images I have made and some biographical info. I am considering social links and contact me there, though I should have some basic ones on the homepage I think. I think I want a slideshow of images or perhaps an instagram feed.

For the portfolio detail and blog post detail, there should also be social share options for linkedin, twitter and facebook. For the images, maybe a pinterest and tumblr share option, too.

Ideally I want the home page to just have a giant spinning head (mine) that you can rotate on a mouseover because it would be funny. I think a call to action for hiring me as a developer might make sense there too so it can't suck.