Blog Attack

February 25, 2016

They say to blog to improve my hire-ability. They say to blog to reveal my personality. They say blogging tracks my journey into programmer-hood. Well let's talk about blogging and what I am going to blog about.


I am trying to keep it simple and focus on things I care about. I got a wedding under my belt two days ago, so I have a wife and two dogs to care about. Wrapped up the Backend course and feel pretty good about Rails and acknowledge I have a ton more to learn. I got some volunteering that I do - that is fun, I care about ending or alleviating homelessness in Los Angeles, especially in my neighborhood. But otherwise, as Cheryl Code sang, all I want to do is write some code. I just wish I could live to be 290 years old so I could learn it all.

The Coder's Journey

My approach to coding is going like this. Do the Bloc prework and projects as fast as possible. Try to blog every day and push code to GitHub every day. Stay on the Treehouse and Codecademy training to cover the basics that a faster-paced project-based setup like Bloc can gloss over. Spend 8-12 hours a day on code - 1-2 Bloc assignments a day, 1 hour on tutorials, rest on my various projects. Try to spend at least 1 hour a day on personal projects.


Fun is not allowed. That is all.

Actually there needs to be 1-2 nights off so I dont lose my mind, and daily exercise. I would love to throw yoga and meditation in the mix but there are finite hours in the day and I have a wife and dogs and family and friends that need attention too.