Climate Cents

March 22, 2016

After doing a bit of pro bono web work and informal consulting for a friend's startup, it looks like I will get a chance to develop a site from scratch. While I certainly feel like a complete imposter during our meetings, I have been upfront about my experiences to date, and find that my decade of experience running of a company turns out to be a sort of general asset in an advisory role.

The thing I am most excited about is the chance to work with a real proper UX/UI designer. In the past, I have been the designer or I have been provided with a very bare bones design and given the freedom to dress it up without much guidance. I have no formal design training, just strong opinions and an expensive collection of nice looking books I've picked up from Amazon, so the opportunity to see how a professional works and thinks is exciting. I hope to get to use Sketch a bit too to start wireframing.

Since we are committing to a series of weekly sprints, my workload is about to increase considerably. It will be an interesting test of my ability to multitask programming projects.

Learn more about Climate Cents, the Kickstarter for Climate Change, here by visiting Climate Cents. It is a very exciting approach to a problem most of us associate with anger, futility and guilt.