April 19, 2018

Been working quite a bit on this tutorial which has been excellent. Great exposure to React v16 as well as Redux and React unit testing with Jest. I found the unit testing section grueling - my build had endless problems, and the pace had picked up in the course at that point to where I didn't think there was a realistic chance of actually figuring out the challenges as presented.

At the time of this writing, this is a super rough version without much CSS, but will become a formidable work that all shall fear.

It is a simple expense tracking app that is really just a showpiece for learning how to think about reactive components, data passed to Redux, and expensify

I took a right turn from the tutorial in using Netlify. It is a very sweet, beautiful option compared to Heroku.

Current list of things to master I am interested in.

  1. React unit testing and reactive component testing with Jest - I have just scratched the surface
  2. Node. So much more to learn.
  3. GraphQL.