June 01, 2016

Meteor it is.

GameTree is a project I am assisting with and they have decided to use the following stack:

  1. Meteor
  2. Jade for HTML syntax
  3. SASS for CSS Preprocessing
  4. CoffeeScript for JavaScript
  5. Foundation for a front-end framework
  6. MongoDB for the database (non-optional with Meteor)

Of these 5 things, I have worked with SASS and Foundation before. So, I have my work cut out for me.

Meaty Yore

I heard of Meteor on a Code Newbie podcast while on my VisionQuest 2015 road trip when I was debating making the big jump to a new career. It sounded awesome but at the time my JS skills were not all that sharp. Well fast-forward to today and here I am, about to embark on some Meteor goodness with a decent sized Dev team.

Mongo Like

Some things to know right off the bat: MongoDB uses different vocabulary than the SQL gang.

SQL Mongo
table collection
row document
column field

The only one I have trouble understanding is document for row.