April 20, 2018

Today I am taking a break from coding for the first time in what feels like years but is realistically the first time since my honeymoon last summer. I am going to Austin, Texas to see friends and ideally pick up some cowboy boots and a new appreciation for barbecued meats despite my vegan soul's earnest desire to live animal-free.

Among the attractions are a reggae festival, 6th Street's bars and live music, and ideally lots of eating. It has been a while since I saw my college friends (my wedding!, bar one friend who I saw last summer in Minneapolis) so we have much to catch up on.

When I return, the laundry list of projects to dive into is long.

  • Healthyness, the doctor finder app
  • emedical, the online store for medical equipment
  • Literally Magick v2, with a rad look and feel I am very excited about
  • BroBookClub

I also want to focus on more fun websites - everything has been so serious lately.

Two ideas I am cribbing from fellow students at USC's Design @ USC program:

  1. Make each project into a website, even if only a placeholder
  2. Do a directed research project that will give me time to focus on building an app

I think I kept my head down this semester just slogging through React tutorials and making sure I didn't flunk out of Grad school. Now that I know I can perform and do the work, I can start to dive back into making cool stuff again and not just maintaining customer sites.

Some of the lifestyle changes I want to make include:

  1. Daily Yoga
  2. More intense training for my half marathon in November
  3. Shutting down for the night at 10pm