Vector Icons

March 09, 2018

tl;dr is very good.

The hunt for nice icons for the site continued, and I didn't really want to subscribe to a service to get them.

The problem to solve was how to represent my mastery and enthusiasm for different programming languages in the /about section. I've been at this computer game for a while and didn't want to just overenthusiastically (is that a word?) eery language - some, such as C and VBA, I left off since I haven't touched in over a decade, others like C++ I left off because I didn't do much with it beyond a single semester of a class years ago. It is tricky, as I want to let folks know I can pick up languages without too much trouble but also don't want to misrepresent skill level when I am certainly out of practice on some of these.

I think a star system a la Yelp is a little tired and I don't want to imply some sort of precision with a five star system. So in the spirit of the Olympics and the reconciliation of North and South Korea, I am using gold, silver and bronze to hopefully offer some sort of clarity.


So the icons I am using are from, once again,


I wish CSS had an alphabetize option for unordered lists. I suppose the JavaScript isn't that painful if you can't filter and sort on the backend because its a static list in JSX or HTML.