Decision Roulette


Have you ever had a hard time making a decision? This app allows you to input a list of options and then click a button to randomly pick one. Obviously this is a goofy entertainment app based off an example in a tutorial from Andrew Mead, one of my favorite Udemy instructors. It is a great introduction to React, though I had to figure out how to get it on Netlify by skipping ahead a bit and some trial and error since the tutorial is for Heroku.


React 16, Node 8.5, Express, SCSS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Google Cloud


Single Page Application, React, Reactive Components, Persistent Local Storage, Node/Express, Google Font "Share Tech Mono", Responsive design


This is a fun blocky 8-bit inspired design with bright colors and high contrast for accesibility.


Decision Roulette App Page Decision Roulette App With Options Added Decision Roulette App Decision Made