Inspired by a section of Marshall McLuhan's classic 'The Medium is the Massage' which we read in Storytelling class in my USC Master's program, I created a word de-scrambling game. I think I will dive into the thought behind this and the challenging quote a bit more on a blog post, but needless to say, this is a challenging game intended in part as a place to practice React, JS and SPAs and some very intentionally droll design choices.

Want to explore my thinking on this? Me neither. But for the curious, click here


React 16, Node 8.5, Express, SCSS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS


Single Page Application, React, Reactive Components, Video game, Arcade game, Word game, Wry sense of humor, Corporate colors


Simple and fun, with a round/circle motif for the login screen and 'material' design inspired expense pages.



wordreverse home wordreverse intro wordreverse game wordreverse inspiration - Marshall McLuhan wordreverse inspiration - Marshall McLuhan in the wild original quote from John Dewey